Eagle Sewer's updated Plans

Eagle Sewer District is updating our treatment facility plan and collection system master plan. This is a long and detailed process of researching and analyzing current and future water treatment and reuse options.  Now is the time to get our community's input, please feel free to look over our updated and board approved plans and send all comments and thoughts to us at contact@eaglesewer.org. We also invite you to attend our public board meeting on May 13th at 2 pm.

                   Treatment Facility Plan                     

Collection system Master Plan


As part of our planning process we got out in the community to get patrons opinions and comments on what we are doing and what they would like to see happen with the Sewer District in the future. Here is a summary of what has been happening over the last year. 

public outreach


Here is what some of our neighbors rates currently look like. Most neighboring communities are raising their rates annually. Eagle Sewer has not raised our rates since Dec 2019.

Neighboring Rates