The following Annexation Petition package is required to initiate a formal request for annexation into Eagle Sewer District's Service Area. Annexation is a prerequisite to an area receiving central sewer service from Eagle Sewer District. If the District's Board of Directors accepts the annexation request, then Idaho Code requires a public annexation hearing to be held. Exhibit B of the Annexation Petition contains the standard terms and conditions of annexation that are applicable to all annexations. A Common Notary form may be required. In addition, The Board of Directors may impose site-specific terms and conditions to an annexation request.

Annexation Filing Fee Form 

Steps for Annexation

  1. Complete the Annexation Petition and pay a $2,200 filing fee (Annexation Filing Fee Form). All owners of the property must sign the petition. If the petition is signed by a joint venture or partnership, the District must be provided with a corporate resolution or other documentation that authorizes the annexation request and evidencing that the person signing the application has the authority to execute documents on behalf of the entity involved.
  2. A copy of the warranty deed that verifies ownership and a complete and precise legal description of the property must be provided to the District in the form of a Word document. A map prepared in a draftsman-like manner must also be provided. Both the map and the legal description must be stamped and signed by a licensed professional land surveyor. (See: Map Requirements.) The petitioner(s) must agree to the District’s standard terms and conditions as listed on Exhibit B of the Annexation Petition.
  3. After the Annexation Petition is deemed complete by District staff, the proposed annexation will be presented to the Board at their next regularly scheduled meeting. At that meeting, the Board will review the annexation request and if the annexation request seems reasonable, the District Board will pass a Resolution that establishes a date for the annexation Public Hearing. District staff will deposit the $2,200 filing fee and publish the required legal notices for the Public Hearing. The Public Hearing is usually scheduled for the Board’s next regular meeting.
  4. The petitioners, or a qualified representative, must attend the Public Hearing and be prepared to answer questions and to discuss the potential sewer impacts of this proposed project. The Board will review all public input and make a final ruling on the annexation. At their discretion, the Board may impose additional terms and conditions of annexation that are specific to the annexation request. If the ruling is favorable, a Resolution/Order of Annexation will be prepared. The Order of Annexation will be presented to the Board at their next regularly scheduled meeting. (Usually the following month.)
  5. Upon approval of the Resolution/Order of Annexation, the Board Chairman is authorized to execute and record the Order in the records of Ada County ten (10) days after the date signed, unless the Petitioner(s) formally notify the District, in writing, within said ten-day period, that the Petition is being withdrawn. (Idaho Code 42-3218).
  6. If the petition is not withdrawn, District staff will coordinate with the attorney to complete the annexation process through the district court. All costs incurred by Eagle Sewer District will be tabulated and billed to the petitioner.